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Bowling Results for 9\17\09

I didn't do too bad the first two games, but fell off on the 3rd.  I was using my Fired Up, which is supposed to give me a little more length down the lane before it starts to hook.  It was hitting pretty good most of the time, but if I didn't have just the right roll on the ball, it would leave a single pin.

The first game was quite a test with many adjustments.  I started playing straight down the 7 board and found the pocket quickly.  I didn't have a good roll on the 2nd frame, leaving a washout.  The other shots were either 10 pins, 7 pins, or a 10th frame fast 8.

The 2nd game started out quite nice.  The line was perfect for me.  I didn't move from the last game, so I was still playing straight down 7.  The 5th frame was a complete screw-up on my part.  I pulled the ball, it went high and left the 6-10.  The two single pin misses back to back on the same lane were 10 pins.  I didn't get out of the ball exactly how I wanted, so they fell off into the ditch.  The last shot was yet another fast 8.

The 3rd game was a struggle all the way through.  My ball started hooking very early, so I moved just a bit inside and played down 10.  With this came very bad carry.  I can recall a few shots that the 5-7-10 stood before something made two of the pins fall.  I didn't really want to make an adjustment because the ball was hitting very nicely into the pocket, but just not catching everything.  The 10th frame produced my only open in the game with a stubborn 10 pin.

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