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Bowling Results for 9\23\09

Before I get into how tonight went, I must say that this is the biggest league I've ever bowled in.  It has 38 teams and bowls in a 40 lane house and the 50\50 pot brought in over $700, which means the winner brought home over $350.

With that put aside, I must say that I bowled pretty well tonight.  I pulled the first ball, sending it through the nose and leaving a split.  I quickly learned my mistake and finished out with a 245.  The line didn't go anywhere even though I was expecting it to dry up fairly quickly by watching the other people on my pair.

The 2nd game was filled with single pins.  I left 3 ten pins and 1 seven pin, and missed one of the ten pins.  Again, the line didn't go anywhere.  I put a bit more speed on the ball in the 2nd through 4th frame because i thought it was simply going to hook more.  That didn't happen until the 3rd game.

The ball went a little high a few times, leaving some 4 pins and leaving a split in the 7th frame and scraping the 6 pin.

I ended up with a 695 series, giving me a 231.6 average for 3 games and working with a 216 book average.  I was setting average in that league, so the 231.6 average will be my official average.  It will not, however, be a USBC book average because a bowler must bowl 21 games in a league for it to become a book average.

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