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Windows 7: What Vista Should Have Been

If you downloaded any of the betas from Microsoft, of it you're like me and are now running the RTM (Release To Market) version, you'll realize just how nice Windows 7 is. For those that don't know, let me fill you in.

Windows 7 has been highly anticipated since shortly after the release of Vista. A lot of people think that Microsoft jumped the gun on releasing an OS with they released Vista, and I'd have to agree. There are a lot of vulnerabilities, as well as some performance issues. Personally, on my Dell Inspiron 530 desktop, Windows 7 dances circles around Vista. But wait. Whenever I updated the OS on any other computer, like when I updated 95 to 98, 98 to XP and so on, I noticed a decrease in performance. Here, I'm getting an INCREASE? I'm for that any day of the week! I noticed a significant difference in opening programs, rendering videos, and performing daily tasks such as checking e-mail, loading pictures, surfing the web, and using instant messengers.

The stability of Windows 7 is also quite impressive. I can honestly say that since I've been running the OS, I have not once had it crash on me. Trust me, I've tried. The earlier betas had a hiccup once and again, but the RTM has ran flawlessly.

But all of Windows 7's glory isn't just under the hood. The interface has been changed slightly, while sticking close to it's Vista counterpart. The main difference is the task bar. No more waiting to have 51 Firefox windows open before it bunches them together in one nice, neat icon. Say you have multiple windows open, but you want to see each individually. All you have to do is hover your mouse over the icon on the task bar, and if you have Aero activated you will be able to highlight which window you want to see, then click it to bring it to the front. You can also pin programs to the taskbar like the "Quick Launch" bar did, only with 7, if you open a program that's pinned on the taskbar, it will not take up more room by adding another icon. This makes for a very slick, non-cluttered workspace.

There are so many different things that I can say about this OS, but I just don't have the time or the patience to sit here at this keyboard and tell you about every single one of them. If you wasn't able to take advantage of the Windows 7 beta test, you may have to wait until October 22nd to get your hands on it. If you know what you're looking for, you can find the RTM version on torrent sites around the net, then access the Windows 7 beta test site to get your product key. If you are unsure on how to install an OS, if you are not sure you have a legit copy, or if you just aren't sure what to do, I would just wait until October 22nd for the official release.

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